Photo by  @drelowry

Photo by @drelowry

Photo by Grandpa Lefevre

Photo by Grandpa Lefevre

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Photo by @edpingol

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Photo by @jlynnphotos_


Fun Facts

  • I am a wanna be Minimalist living with tiny hoarders.

  • I live in BIRKENStocks.

  • i am A Feminist, ally and activist.

  • I am a co-founder and media manager of Livermore Pride

  • My mom sparked my love for photography.

  • TEA > Coffee.

  • I have farm girl dreams, but little apartment living.

  • My daughter and I love to bake and watching The Great British Baking Show. We watch it so often, she pretend bakes in the metric system. Her engineer dad is so proud.

  • I got my B.S. in Psychology at Cal Poly, SLO, where I met my partner Will.

  • Cindy Crawford originally went to school for Chemical Engineering, just like Will. Random, I know, but I can’t help but make the connection.

  • I kept my maiden name. I want to say its because i’m a feminist, but its mostly because i’m lazy and Kiick is cooler than Lefevre.

Hey, I’m Brittni Kiick.

This is the page where you read about how my whole life has been leading up to this moment (sarcasm).

I remember it so vividly. I was 3 years old when I discovered what I was going to be when I grew up. I was in the living room with my mother. I had 2 Campbell's soup cans in my hands, wearing a gymnastics leotard. I saw my future self on TV. Cindy Crawford. I was going to BE Cindy Crawford.

As we worked on our biceps during our routine “Shape Your Body” living room workout session, I shared this realization with my mother.

“You want to be a model when you grow up?”

“No, I will be Cindy Crawford.”

“Yes, a model like her.”


As you can see all of my dreams have come true.

No, this is not how it happened. I had lots of other plans. Enter me at age 5. I was going to be a teacher like Mrs. Robbins. (By this time at least I understood I would not actually transform into another human being over the years).

Then plans changed a *few* times.

Cindy Crawford > Teacher > Artist > Writer > Marketing Executive > Psychologist > Stay at Home Mom

Now I am lucky enough to do all of those things using my camera as a catalyst.

When I’m not photographing clients, I am creating and capturing memories of my own two kids, Cora, 5 and Max, 2. Our favorite activities usually involve messes and creativity - Baking cakes or mud pies, making crafts or music.